Our Projects and Expertise

01 Consulting
Running the startup activities and development of international provider of peer-2-peer secure communications solutions.
Consulting Solution Development IoT Customer Support Process Optimization
“Orange-Pay” Payment System Technologies
E-Commerce Blockchain Finance Management and Processes Company Audit
IT Development Company Audit. 500 FTE, 5 R&D offices, US-clients
Management and Processes Company Audit
02 IT Solutions
Regulatory project for USA Dodd-Frank senators’ act (implemented because of 2008 banking crisis) and its extension to other regulatory jurisdictions all over the world
Consulting DWH Integration Backloading Reporting High load
Development of the world most high-loaded FOREX trading system for one of the TOP-5 world bank
Transformation Integration Backloading Reporting High load
Telecommunications, Siebel CRM (Oracle) as Integration Platform, SMS v4.0, Integrations between plenty of high-loaded servers for more than 20 millions abonents
Consulting Integration CRM DWH High load SMS MMS PrePaid and PostPaid systems AI IoT Machine Learning
Credits, Loan and Risks Forecasting System for one of the TOP-5 world bank
Consulting DWH Integration High load
Provide packaging service for companies with huge amount of computers (1000-5000+ simultaneously) where it's required to install almost any software on all of these stations simultaneously
Consulting Packaging OS
Delivering digital tools and diagnostics to improve preterm infant outcomes
Consulting AI AWS .Net Angular.js
Secure messaging app for communication between patients, students, medical professionals and organisations to manage resumes, certificates, vote and take surveys

E2E message encryption

Private spaces for corporate partners

Chat rooms with access control

Modern messaging system with attachments, emojis and badges

Available for all existing platforms

Built in medical calculators and 3d anatomy viewer

AI based recommendation systems

News system based on big data processing pipeline and AI recommendations

Consulting NodeJS TypeScript Meteor RocketChat Apache Kafka MongoDB Postgres Electron ReactJS ActiveMQ Amazon GraphDB Docker WebRTC Jitsi tools
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04 Contacts
Suite 801, Saint John
New Brunswick E2L 2B5, Canada
Co-Founder/CTO. Alex Yegoshyn